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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cabbage + Sausage (Venison) Dish - Courtesy of Mark Sisson

Can't wait for the video to upload. We had such a great time cooking and making this dish. Our good friend Constanza first brought this recipe to our attention about a week back. Beezy, from the ATX brought us a couple of awesome Venison links and so we had to cook up this dish! Boy oh boy, the aromas coming from the kitchen after 40 minutes of baking were divine. The juices collecting at the bottom of the cabbage were nice and golden brown! Kind of like a party in your mouth!  Follow us on youtube and on twitter!

Stay Hungry Marfa
El Oso

El Oso'isms!

Hey Guys it's El Oso! We had a user comment on our trusty spatula verbage! We really enjoy that spatula and hope you enjoy our El Oso'isms!! We are currently uploading a new video for all of you to enjoy! It will be ready in a few hours! Stay tuned for Cabbage & Sausage dish courtesy of Mark Sisson's cookbook!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Video

Hey foodies, we just finished filming a great episode. In this new episode we will show you one of our family favorite desserts! My mother used to bake this for our family when we were younger. I remember when I first saw rhubarb, it's beautiful red and green stalk. I thought it looked just like celery. I asked my mother what it was and she gave me a piece. I immediately tasted it and was shocked at how tart and sour it was. Never did i think something so delicious could be part of a wonderful recipe such as this. We hope you enjoy our kitchen and find this video tutorial to be a treat!!

Stay Hungry Austin!

El Oso!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 New Videos Coming Soon!!!

Stay tuned ladies and gents for some new upcoming videos on our youtube channel. These next four videos will feature Robin from Cooking and Capturing and she shows us how to make some of her favorite recipes! We had so much fun cooking in the kitchen. These recipes were full of great ingredients and when coupled with a great cook, created delicious entrees and side dishes! Stay tuned for some really fun videos coming atcha!!!

Stay Frisky & Hungry,

El Oso!

You can visit Robin on her Blog @

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good morning Austin!

Hey fans and subscribers, good morning! Thanks for tuning into our blog and youtube channel to read our latest posts! We are thinking about our next video and are thinking about cooking our famous mexican breakfast Migas w/ a punch! Stay tuned for our next video!

thanks for staying fresh!

El Oso

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Video Will be Available Tomorrow!

Hey fellow food aficionados, thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you enjoy the content, please bookmark us that way you can easily navigate back here in a jiffy! We will be releasing a new video tomorrow, I have a couple of ideas twirling around in this head of mine. So stay tuned! It might be a breakfast video!

Stay Frisky San Francisco!

El Oso

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Awesome Queso ~ S01E01 Pilot

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Season 1 - Episode 2 Mean Green Smoothie Machine!

El Oso's Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets!!

  1. Kitchenaid 5 Speed Blender  Amazon Link 
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  4. Isi Basics Silicone Slim Spatula  Amazon Link
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Hey fellow foodies! These are some of the best kitchen gadgets that see the most rotation in our kitchen. We love them and hope that you might find this list useful!

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Peace Love & Chicken Grits!

El Oso

Mean Green Smoothie Macine! S01E02 - Live on Utube

Here we go Ladies and Gentleman, live from the Famous Kitchen in the ATX. Hope you enjoy our new recipe, it is loaded with Spinach, Bananas and Apple Juice. Please view it on our youtube channel or you can find it posted here in just a little bit!

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Coming atcha live from the 512! More videos coming soon!

El Oso